Finding Meaning in Your Work

Successful Entrepreneur

We all seek affirmation and want to know that the work that we do makes a difference. Money alone is not what motivates us, but rather purpose is what we value most. Here are a couple strategies that all of us can do to increase our sense of purpose and satisfaction in our work:

Envision the importance of what you do every day.
If you’re motivated only by a paycheck then things can get stale quickly. But if you’re driven by a desire to make a difference, the smallest contributions feel larger and more important.

Find your sense of purpose at work.
For decades, Americans have ranked purpose as their top workplace priority – above promotions, income, job security and hours.

Connect with your organization’s services and end-users.
By connecting directly with our end users, we can better appreciate our impact. Try to find ways to connect with your end users. Attend organization events. Call people. Ask them how the service that your organization offers is making a difference in their lives. Collect testimonials and refer to them from time to time as a way of reminding yourself about the good that you do every day.

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