Why Entrepreneurs Should Start Planning Their Next Vacation

Relaxing on the Beach

Entrepreneurs are hardworking individuals. When you start a business, you’re responsible for your own livelihood as well as that of your employees. It can be a heavy burden to bear.

The added weight on the shoulders might be why a large percentage of entrepreneurs find it difficult to break away from work for even a short period of time. For some, vacations seem impossible.

Entrepreneurs need to stop fearing vacations. If you don’t give yourself time to recharge, you could do more harm than good.

Here are a few reasons why you should start planning your next vacation:

  • Travel inspires fresh ideas. Most entrepreneurs think about their business all the time and there’s nothing wrong with that. The best ideas and visions might come to you while you’re in a relaxing setting, away from the office.
  • Travel tests automated systems. Most businesses with an online presence use some form of automation, be it lead generation or lead/sales nurturing. It’s nice to see how they will perform while you’re on vacation. Some things might work very well, while others need tweaking. Sometimes the only way to truly test your systems is to give them a real-world run-through.
  • Travel brings great personal rewards. It’s not selfish to reward yourself. Establish a vacation-based reward system that works for you – set a target goal to hit before you step away from your business. This is a great way to help push yourself and your business toward achieving landmark milestones.
  • Travel recharges your mind and body. Being an entrepreneur is mentally and physically tiring. Constantly running yourself into the ground leads to exhaustion, and your work inevitably suffers. When you get away and allow yourself to truly relax, you can focus on recharging your mind and body.
  • Travel helps you refocus. Though it may be hard to leave paradise, you’ll come back focused and ready to dive headfirst back into your work.

Embrace your time away and take full advantage of the many benefits a vacation offers for your body, spirit and business.

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4 Fears You Should Have as a Business Owner

Overcome Business Fears

In business, some fears are actually healthy for you…if you know how to harness them.

  • Fear of Failure – Who’s to say this business venture will even work? Having a fear of failure is perfectly normal for business owners. But fearing failure shouldn’t paralyze you from moving forward. Use that fear to propel yourself to work harder than you even thought possible, and that concept of failing will be left in the dust.
  • Fear of Potential – We all have that little voice in our heads that tells us we can’t do something. But what happens when you ignore that voice? Rather than listening to that figment of your imagination, start listening to other people. They can see your potential better than you. You are capable of achieving whatever you want to achieve.
  • Fear of Imperfection – In reality, perfection isn’t possible. But this fear can drive you forward to get as close as you can to perfection. It can help you set high quality standards so that whatever you produce is magnificent and will please your customers.
  • Fear of Inexperience – We all start out knowing less than we will in the future about our businesses. But it can feel intimidating to enter a market where others are knowledgeable experts in the field. This fear can hold you back, because people can read your insecurities. Use this as motivation to learn everything you can about your industry and competition. It will take time, but if you’re dedicated, you too can become a thought leader.

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Finding Meaning in Your Work

Successful Entrepreneur

We all seek affirmation and want to know that the work that we do makes a difference. Money alone is not what motivates us, but rather purpose is what we value most. Here are a couple strategies that all of us can do to increase our sense of purpose and satisfaction in our work:

Envision the importance of what you do every day.
If you’re motivated only by a paycheck then things can get stale quickly. But if you’re driven by a desire to make a difference, the smallest contributions feel larger and more important.

Find your sense of purpose at work.
For decades, Americans have ranked purpose as their top workplace priority – above promotions, income, job security and hours.

Connect with your organization’s services and end-users.
By connecting directly with our end users, we can better appreciate our impact. Try to find ways to connect with your end users. Attend organization events. Call people. Ask them how the service that your organization offers is making a difference in their lives. Collect testimonials and refer to them from time to time as a way of reminding yourself about the good that you do every day.

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