Acing Your Professional Headshot

Professional Headshot

If you’re using a selfie you took in your car as your networking photo, it’s time for an upgrade. Your business headshot is a branding tool. It’s often the first impression many people have of your brand. Consider what your current headshot says to potential clients about you and your brand.

While investing in a professional headshot is your best option, you can still take your own headshot (with the help of a friend).

Here are some strategies to ensure your photo will say that you’re someone people should trust with their business.

  • Be Mindful of Your Background – Aim for something neutral that won’t compete for the viewer’s attention. Keep an eye out for anything that might appear to be sprouting out of your head, like a tree branch or painting.
  • Keep Your Clothing Simple – Business attire is best for a business headshot. Avoid patterns. Bold colors can work, but be careful that the color doesn’t clash or make you look pale. Get some outfit options that you can easily change up, like a jacket or a scarf that you can remove in one shot.
  • Have Fun with (Relevant) Props – A writer might be sitting at her laptop. An accountant could have a calculator in the shot. Small details can not only illustrate what you do, but also make your headshot stand out.
  • Play with the Angle – For most, having the photo taken from higher up is more flattering. This may or may not be the case for you. Have your photographer play with angles.

The key to a good headshot session is taking lots of photos. Aim for variation in expression, background, wardrobe, angles and lighting to give you more options.

Full article written by Susan Payton. Click here to read.