Are You Ready to Hire Your First Employee?

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At some point, every business faces a challenging decision: Is this the time to hire my first employee? Learn when you should – and shouldn’t – hire in this article written by Neil Patel. Below are some guidelines he discusses that may help you answer this tough question.

  • Know the points at which you shouldn’t hire. These include:
    – You’re desperate.
    – You don’t know exactly what you want the new hire to do.
    РYou take the first person who comes along.
  • Hire a cofounder, at least mentally. Your first employee will hopefully be one of your longest-lasting and most knowledgeable. When hiring, look for someone with co-founder potential. These characteristics may include: complementary skills, similar vision and values, teach-ability, passion, emotional intelligence, flexibility, and honesty.
  • Hire when the tasks to be done will generate money. Your new hire should at least do one of these two things: 1) make money for the business, or 2) save money for the business.
  • Hire when the tasks to be completed fall under a particular skill set. Before you look for an employee, know what kind of employee you’re looking for. The clearer the set of responsibilities you lay out, the more accurately you’ll be in hiring someone to fill these responsibilities.
  • Kick the tires by hiring a contractor. If you’re still undecided over whether or not it’s time to hire, test it. Instead of hiring a full-time employee, hire a contractor. If that works out well, you can either¬†transition this person into an official hire or look for a full-time employee.

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