Motivating Employees to Perform at their Peak

Motivate Employees

Motivating employees to perform at their peak can be a big challenge. In this article written by Amy Morin, four successful CEOs reveal the secrets to motivating employees to perform at their peak and keep their teams productive.

“A handful of employees who perform at their peak are better than a dozen employees who operate at 50% efficiency.”

As discussed in the article, four ways to motivate employees include:

  1. Offer flexibility
  2. Reward your team for little things
  3. Look at things from your teams perspective
  4. Allow for an open dialogue
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Dealing with Unhappy Customers

Dealing with unhappy customers

Dealing with unhappy customers can be a real challenge. In a recent post by ThoughtLeaders, Mark Goulston gave seven tips for effectively dealing with those difficult situations. A few of these tips include:

  1. Assume innocence
  2. Ask questions in a sequence for different types: TDF (Think, Do, Feel) for logical types; FDT (Feel, Do, Think) for emotional types
  3. FUD Diffusion Tool – Find out what Frustrated, Upset and Disappointed the customer about their experiences and how much
  4. Take notes

Read the full post for more information.

Small Business Connect – Session 1 Highlights

Watch Small Business Connect Session 1 Highlights

Altra hosted the first of a three-part Small Business Connect Event series on Business Finance Basics for business owners. One of the featured speakers, Edward Jaekel from JRM CPAs, spoke on the topic of financial statements. He briefed attendees on the components of financial statements, methods of reporting, and reading and analyzing the balance sheet. Click on the video link above to see highlights from Session 1. If you were unable to attend but are interested in watching the full presentation click here. For more information contact Altra Business Lending at 855-490-4518.